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Wellbore Integrity Investigations

Wellbore integrity has become one of the most significant concerns associated with potential environmental impacts from oil and gas activities. By evaluating wellbore conditions, operators can understand zonal isolation and the potential for fluid migration between hydrocarbon bearing zones and fresh water aquifers. Both operators and regulators desire adequate wellbore integrity to ensure that drilling, completion (including hydraulic fracturing), and production happen in an effective manner that is also protective of the environment. Several states and federal agencies now require wellbore integrity evaluation as part of the permitting process.


Cottonwood provides the following services associated with wellbore integrity investigations:


  • Monitoring of casing pressures (surface casing or "Bradenhead", production casing, intermediate strings)

  • Gas sampling (gas composition and isotopic analysis)

  • Offset well evaluations

  • Plugged and Abandoned well surveys

  • Soil gas surveys

  • Installation of soil vapor tube monitoring locations

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