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NEPA Compliance

NEPA Compliance

Cottonwood provides sound environmental analysis and our experienced team of NEPA experts can help walk you though the NEPA process. Cottonwood can help you identify the proper NEPA approach and walk you through all the steps up until project completion and (if applicable) long-term monitoring. Cottonwood specializes in NEPA compliance for the oil and gas, construction, and transportation industries.

  • Determination of NEPA Approach

  • Biological / Environmental Surveys

  • ​Threatened & Endangered Species Surveys

  • Identification and Drafting of Alternatives

  • Endangered Species Act Compliance

  • Migratory Bird Treaty Act Compliance

  • Consultation with US Fish and Wildlife Service


Biological Services

Cottonwood's experienced biologists are skilled in wildlife and vegetation identification, surveys, and monitoring. Our knowledgeable experts are familiar with habitat requirements of sensitive and protected species and can guide you through their associated state and federal regulations. Cottonwood can help you develop project-specific mitigation and monitoring plans that balance conservation with industry and development.

  • Wildlife & Vegetation Surveys

  • Long-term Monitoring

  • Mitigation & Monitoring Plans

  • Habitat Identification


Stormwater Management

Cottonwood has a keen understanding of relevant federal, state, and local regulations and can help you obtain necessary permits and comply with a variety of rules and regulations, including the Clean Water Act. Cottonwood can conduct the necessary inspections to ensure that you remain in compliance. Cottonwood specializes in stormwater management  for the oil and gas, construction, commercial, transportation, and mining industries.

  • Permitting

    • National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Permits

    • Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) Permits

  • Stormwater Management Plans


Environmental Sampling / Monitoring

Cottonwood provides soil, air, water, gas, and weather sampling services and utilizes best industry practices to ensure only high quality samples are collected. Cottonwood can help you develop and implement appropriate monitoring programs to observe and interpret changes in your samples over time. Cottonwood specializes in environmental sampling for the oil and gas, mining, transportation, real estate, and construction industries.

  • Soil / Sediment Sampling

  • Groundwater, Surfacewater, and Produced Water Sampling 

  • Domestic Water Well Sampling

  • Installation of Groundwater Monitoring Wells

  • Gas Composition Sampling


Water Quality Monitoring

Cottonwood has collected hundreds of groundwater and surface water samples since its inception in 2014. Cottonwood uses best industry practices for sample collection and our experienced team can help clients and landowners understand their water quality. Cottonwood specializes in water quality compliance for the oil and gas industry and will track your monitoring schedule to keep you in compliance.

  • Groundwater Sampling / Monitoring

  • Surface water Sampling / Monitoring

  • Natural Spring Sampling / Monitoring

  • Long-term Monitoring

  • COGCC Rule Compliance


Spill Response & Reporting

Cottonwood quickly responds to spills in order to assess potential impacts and report within the required regulatory time frame. Our high-quality soil and water sampling techniques ensure representative samples are collected using best industry practices. Cottonwood specializes in spill response and reporting services for oil and gas fluid-related spills.

  • Same or Next-Day Spill Response

  • Reporting within Required Time Frame

  • Assessment of Impacts

    • Soil, Water, and Vegetation Monitoring

  • Long-term Monitoring and Reporting

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Soil Gas Surveys

Cottonwood's experienced team can conduct soil gas surveys to help you locate fugitive methane emissions and quantify the lost resource. Cottonwood implements soil gas surveys in a systematic manner in order to identify an map the extent of seepage from the source. Cottonwood can install soil vapor monitoring tubes for long-term emissions monitoring.

  • COGCC Rule 608a Compliance

  • Soil Gas Surveys Around Well Sites

  • Soil Gas Surveys Along Pipeline Corridors

  • Plugged & Abandoned Well Surveys


Oil & Gas Permitting / Compliance

Cottonwood offers a variety of other oil and gas related consulting services. We pride ourselves on being both environmental and industry professionals, and our familiarity and experience in the oil and gas industry makes us an excellent choice for your consulting needs. Cottonwood can help you in nearly every aspect oil and gas related regulatory compliance, from the permitting process though plugging and abandoning locations.

  • APD Permitting

  • Compliance with Various Conditions of Approval

  • Indian Energy Development Consulting

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Orphan Wells

Cottonwood provides a wide variety of cost-effective services to address America’s orphan well problem. With over 30+ years of combined orphan well experience, Cottonwood offers a turn-key approach to identifying, evaluating, decommissioning, plugging, and reclaiming orphan wells.

  • Orphan Well Inventories

  • Pressure Monitoring

  • Bradenhead Testing and Monitoring

  • Environmental Sampling

  • Leak Detection

  • Permitting and Reporting


Environmental Site Assessments

Cottonwood's experienced ESA team can help you perform the due diligence needed when purchasing a property. Cottonwood coordinates with Users, Property Managers, and applicable third parties to quickly and thoroughly inventory site histories and produce Phase I ESAs. If concerns are identified, Cottonwood uses best industry practices to collect, analyze, and interpret samples and produce thorough and accurate Phase II ESAs.

  • Phase I Environmental Site Assessments

    • Site Inspections/ Inventories

    • Interviews/ Questionnaires

    • Environmental Site History

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Trail Design & Construction

Cottonwood offers a range of trail-related service. With over 15 years of experience in natural surface trail design and construction, Cottonwood is committed to providing clients with professional trail design and quality, sustainable construction. Cottonwood's trail design and construction services include:​

  • Multi-Use Trails

  • Purpose Built Trails

  • Bridges & Boardwalks

  • ADA Compliant Trails


Wellbore Integrity Investigations

Cottonwood's expert staff can conduct wellbore integrity investigations to keep you in compliance and help you understand zonal isolation and the potential for fluid migration between hydrocarbon bearing zones and fresh water aquifers. Cottonwood has a keen understanding of local, state, and federal regulations related to the oil and gas industry and can keep you on a monitoring schedule so you are always in compliance.

  • Monitoring of Casing Pressures

    • Bradenhead, Production, & Intermediate Casings

  • Gas Sampling

    • Composition & Isotopic Analysis


Clean Water Act (CWA) Permitting & Compliance

Cottonwood’s staff has experience in providing permitting and compliance services related to the Clean Water Act (CWA). Cottonwood works directly with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Army Corps of Engineers (ACOE), and Tribal Authorities to keep you in compliance.

  • CWA Section 404 Permitting

  • CWA Section 401 Water Quality Certifications

  • Wetland Delineations

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Reclamation / Revegetation

Cottonwood can help you develop, implement, and monitor reclamation and revegetation projects. Whether you're trying to reestablish vegetation along a pipeline corridor or transplant willows to mitigate wetland impacts, Cottonwood can help you every step of the way. Cottonwood's experienced team of biologists are familiar with native plant species and their habitat requirements and will monitor and report your reclamation progress.

  • Develop Mitigation & Monitoring Plans

  • Selecting Reclamation Species

  • Seeding / Transplanting


Air Quality Compliance

Cottonwood uses its experience in the oil and gas industry to navigate the complex regulatory environment of air quality compliance and provide an accurate approach to compliance planning, long-term monitoring, and reporting for its clients. Having reviewed site inspections for a local regulator, Cottonwood’s experienced personnel are able to identify permit requirements commonly overlooked. Cottonwood’s air quality compliance services include:

  • Applicability Evaluation

  • Major and Minor Source Permitting

  • Emissions Inventories


SARA Title III Reporting

Cottonwood can help you you get and stay in compliance with the Superfund Amendments and Authorization Act. Cottonwood's experienced team can help you inventory hazardous chemicals and walk you though the reporting process with Colorado Environmental Online Services. Cottonwood communicates directly with your Local Emergency Planning Committee to ensure your Tier 2 reports are submitted to all proper organizations.

  • Hazardous Chemical Inventories

  • Title III Compliance


Geographic Information Systems

Cottonwood provides a variety of GIS mapping services, including onsite investigations, geospatial analysis, and map production. Cottonwood performs onsite mapping investigations using a Trimble Geo XH® with sub-meter accuracy, and Cottonwood's talented GIS Analysts produce useful, easy-to-read, and aesthetically pleasing maps. Cottonwood can help you with anything from basic mapping to advanced geospatial statistics.

  • Location & Extent Mapping

  • Digitizing

  • Proximity Analysis


Data Analysis & Database Management

Cottonwood provides data science services that can help you optimize information storage and analysis. Cottonwood can track regulatory testing schedules to keep you in compliance, store analytical results, and produce project-specific datasets. Cottonwood's experienced personnel can also help you analyze and interpret your data so you can make confident management decisions. 

  • Compliance Schedule Tracking

  • Database Management

  • Dataset Production

Biological Services
Stormwater Management
Spill Response & Reporting
Soil Gas Surveys
Oil & Gas Complianc/ Permitting
Environmental Site Assessments
Clean Water Act Permitting & Compliane
Reclamation/ Revegetation
SARA Tile III Repoting
Water Quality
Air QualityCompliance
Data Anaysis/ DB Mgmt
Trail Design & Construction
Orphan Wells
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