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Spill Response and Reporting


Cottonwood provides spill response and reporting services associated with oil and gas fluid-related spills. Cottonwood responds to spills quickly in order to assess potential impacts and report within the regulatory time frame. We map spill extents and sample locations with sub-meter accuracy, and we pride ourselves on high-quality soil and water sampling techniques that ensure representative samples are collected using best industry practices. Cottonwood professionals are on a first name basis with many local regulators in the Four Corners area and will work directly with them to ensure spill response is addressed appropriately and in a cost-efficient manner for our clients. Cottonwood's spill-related services include:


  • Same or Next-Day Spill Response

  • Reporting within the Required Time Frame

  • Spill Extent Mapping

  • Assessment of Impacts

    • Soil, Water, and Vegetation Monitoring​, As Needed

  • Long-term Monitoring and Reporting

  • Site Remediation / Reclamation


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