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Environmental Sampling / Monitoring


Cottonwood implements high quality sampling techniques to ensure representative samples are meticulously collected using best industry practices. We understand that different development areas and industries have unique contaminants of concern and associated regulations, and our samples are collected accordingly. Cottonwood can help you develop and implement appropriate monitoring programs to observe and interpret changes over time and keep you in compliance with local, state, and federal regulations. Cottonwood specializes in environmental sampling and monitoring for the oil and gas, mining, transportation, and construction industries, and for compliance and mitigation purposes. Our sampling and monitoring services include:


  • Soil / Sediment Sampling

  • Groundwater, Surfacewater, and Produced Water Sampling 

  • Domestic Water Well Sampling

  • Installation of Groundwater Monitoring Wells

  • Gas Composition Sampling

  • Soil Gas Sampling

  • Seep Monitoring

  • Installation of Soil Vapor Tube Monitoring Locations

  • Collection of Meteorological Data

  • Indoor Air Quality Sampling

  • Long-term Monitoring

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